Diploma in Banking & Finance

Diploma in Banking & Finance (DBF)

In order to meet the growing demand for qualified man power for the banking and financial sector in the coming years on account of business expansion, quality wise and quantity wise, coupled with the retirement of experienced professionals, the banking and finance industry will require professionally qualified manpower endowed with banking and finance knowledge and skills together with technology-familiarity, customer orientation and hands on application skill who can be assigned with various desks/jobs with minimal training intervention at the initiation level.

In view of the substantial potential, current as well as future, demand for professionally qualified manpower for the banking and finance sector ensures steady stream of skilled personals at the entry level, IIBF has designed this course as a professional qualification who aspires a career in banking and finance.

This course provides knowledge inputs to the candidates and exposes them to the operational process and modern banking environments so that they can handle various desks at a bank from the very first day of their entry.  It is also expected that candidates holding a Diploma in Banking & Finance would have a competitive edge and they may be absorbed by the banks and financial institutions on priority.


IIBF will host on its website, details of all the successful candidates and make it available to its member banks/institutions which include Reserve Bank of India, State Bank of India, Public Sector Banks, Private Sector Banks, Foreign Banks, Co-operative Banks and IT/BPO Companies for providing services to banking industry for considering them for appointment.

Indian Banks Association (IBA) has approved Diploma in Banking & Finance examination conducted by IIBF as a desirable qualification along with other prescribed entry level qualifications for recruitment in bank. These diploma holders will get weight age in the interview process conducted by IBPS.  Once appointed in Bank, DBF can be converted to JAIIB and one year additional service and one advance increment will be granted at the entry level itself and they are considered eligible for appearing at the CAIIB examination, thereby gaining over others.

Salient Features

Diploma in Banking & Finance will impart banking and financial knowledge and skills together with technology familiarity and customer orientation.

  • High quality academic rigor and specially prepared courseware.
  • Candidates undertaking the course will have comprehensive and up to date knowledge in the subject of Banking and Finance. The diploma offers practical insights into the subject while, at the same time, emphasis robust theoretical foundation.
  • The course will make the candidates job ready.
  • The course is so designed that most employers would value it for talent scouting.
  • This will ensure that banks can reduce their post-recruitment training intervention/cost.
  • The course is cost effective and at the same time high in quality.
  • The diploma carries professional recognition among the banking and finance community as it is equivalent to the banking industry recognized JAIIB qualification of IIBF.
  • The certification is backed by a system of high professional standards of the institute.


Plus 2 (12th) Pass from any stream

Subjects of Examination

  1. Principles and Practices of Banking
  2. Accounting and Finance for Bankers
  3. Legal and Regulatory aspects of Bankers

 Pattern of Examination

  • Each question paper will contain 120 objective types multiple choice questions carrying 100 marks including questions based on case studies.
  • No negative marks for wrong answers.
  • Questions for the examinations relate to,
  1. Knowledge testing
  2. Conceptual grasp
  3. Analytical/Logical exposition
  4. Problem Solving
  5. Case Analysis
  • Examinations are held on 3 consecutive Sundays
  • Examinations are held in online mode only.

Duration of Examination

            The duration of examination is 2 hours.

Periodicity and Examination Centers

  • The examination will be conducted twice in a year normally in May/June and November/December.
  • A list of examination centers will be provided in the online exam application form on IIBF website

Passing Criteria

  • Minimum mark of pass in every subject is 50 out of 100 marks.
  • Candidates securing separate minimum of 45 marks in each subject but with an aggregate of 50% marks in all subjects in a single attempt will also be declared as having passed the examination.
  • Candidates will be allowed to retain credits for the subjects they have passed in one attempt till the expiry of the time limit for passing the examination as mentioned below.

Time limit for passing the examination

  • Candidates are required to pass the examination with in a time limit of 2 years (i.e. 2 blocks of 2 consecutive attempts).  Initially a candidate will have to pay exam fee for first 2 attempts of examination.  In case a candidate is not able to pass the examination in the first 2 attempts, candidate should necessarily submit the examination application form for the second block of two attempts without any gap and with payment of requisite examination fee. If they do not submit the examination form immediately after exhausting the first 2 attempts, the examination conducted will be counted as third attempt for the purpose of time limit for passing.


  • Candidates not able to pass the examination within the stipulated time period of two years are required to re-enroll themselves afresh by submitting a fresh application form. Such candidates will not be granted credits for subjects passed any, earlier.

Examination Fee: Rs 3596/- for 1st Block (two attempts)

Rs 2697/- for 2nd Block (3rd and 4th attempts)

Procedure for applying examination

Application for examination should be made online from the institute’s website www.iibf.org.in