Probationary Officer


 Designation Probationary Officers holds (PO) in banks –

A PO holds the designation of an Assistant Manager (AM) on Probation. He is in Junior Management Grade-1 (JMG-Scale 1) Officer thus he is often called as Scale 1 Officer or Asst. Manager. 

Initial Posting of Probationary Officer(PO) –

After selection as a Probationary Officer (PO) in a particular bank a PO has to go through Induction training programmes in Management Training Academies of particular banks which lasts for 10 to 20 days. The duration of training varies from banks to banks.

After completion of their induction training in Management Training Academies a PO can be posted anywhere in India, as the service of Government Bank Officer is All India based service.

They can be posted as an Asst. Manager on probation in different branches or Head Office or Corporate Office or Zonal Offices or in specialized branches like microstate branches, treasury Branches etc. as per placement policy of particular banks.

Duration of Probation Period –

Normally the probation period is of two years in which the officer is exposed to different types of banking related works. In some banks, the duration may be limited to one year. Probation period in some banks is divided in phases which vary from banks to banks.

Ex – In Indian Bank

Ist Phase- 6 months,

IInd Phase-6 months and

IIIrd Phase- 1 year.

The officers or probationers may undergo frequent transfers or deputations during the probation period. Once the probation period is completed the officer is confirmed as an Assistant Manager and gets his or her permanent posting after satisfied Police Verification report from their Local SSP Office or police station.

Some banks are now-a-days placing officers as Deputy Managers also, just after confirmation, provided they pass the test conducted by the bank.

Role of Probationary Officers (PO) in banks –POs are the talented young officers who have ample of potential and a great zeal to work faster and perform better than others.

  1. Multitasking job –

    The role of Probationary Officer is a multitasking job and they are assigned for various banking activities, which helps them to get familiar with various working procedures of the bank.

  2. Practical knowledge– POs are practically trained in various fields, like – Marketing, Accounting, Loans & Advances as well as Finance.

  3. Customer services – 

    Often POs are required to handle the customers of the banks, used to guide them about the banking facilities and products available to them, like issuing Cheque books, ATM cards, Demand Draft, etc. Customer complaints like discrepancies in accounts, rectification of undue charges are also handled by them.

  4. Supervision of Clerical work– All the clerical work such as managing cash, opening account and customer dealing is done under the supervision of POs. In case of cash transactions, PO is responsible to check whether Clerk entered everything correctly or not and authorize the transactions.

  5. Loan Processing – 

    One of the major functions of the bank i.e. providing loan to the needful is also taken care of by a PO. Before granting the loan to the customer, all the documentation is to be done under his/her supervision.